​Submitted by: Robert Bienvenu
"I found my male from this breeder and cannot say enough positive things about them. These are home cared for dogs with great personalities and genes. My male is now just over six months old and is huge, beautiful, fun to be around and is taking to retrieving like he's done it forever."
Submitted by: David Puckett
"Cheryl and I picked up "Beignet" from Angel in February. We are very pleased with Angel's professionalism and care of the puppies. Angel made sure that we were able to meet Beignet's mom and dad and to review Beignet's puppy care. Our experience was exceptional. We chose Angel because she very knowledgeable about golden retrievers. In Beignet's case, Angel was able to provide all of the documentation that made us at ease. Immediately after we got Beignet, we sent her to obedience school so that she would learn the basics, money well spent. For the first 6 months of Beignet's life she was raised with many other dogs without any aggression issues. She only wants to play! Beignet is wonderful around children and people. She'll nudge you with her muzzle to make sure that you know that she is there and to rub her head.Health wise, Beignet has only had one hot spot and no known allergies. Extremely healthy and sturdy. Cheryl's hobby is to walk with Beignet most afternoons, approx. 5 miles per day, nearly 950 miles in the last year. She has a great disposition and doesn't pull. Having grown up quail hunting with my grandfather, I recognize the qualities of a good bird dog. I feel that Beignet would make an exceptional bird dog, excellent sense of smell, natural pointer and stealthy stalker. Beignet is 23" high and weighs 65 lbs. of pure muscle. Beignet is a sweet dog with a wonderful personality. She is only vocal (she yodels!) when she greets us in the morning or when she sees a squirrel in the back yard. I was willing to travel anywhere in the U.S. to buy the right golden, and we were fortunate to find Angel 20 miles away in New Iberia. I will buy another golden from Angel when move to our new property in the country. I have no regrets."
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